Prince Brune, house of Menehune

Youngest son of King Silik. Determined to bring the name of his father's Torch back from the dead


The Prince is tall, a shock of Menehune black hair covers one eye. There is a rumor that Brune used to secretly play music at various pubs and taverns in the city. If so, no-one has seen him lift an instrument in years. He’s seen mostly drunk these days… or at least, pretending to be.


As the youngest son, and the one to bear his fathers full true name, he was instantly reviled by a group of older siblings, each one power hungry in their own right, as befitted the sons and daughters of the ruling class. Five kings ruled their kingdoms from here, under the holy eye of the High King Adan himself.

And now one of those kings is near death, one of the most famed of the nobles, one who had lived a controversial youth as part of the infamous Black Flame Company, one of the first Torches incorporated by the High King himself, to explore the Shattered Lands in search of Old Magic, and treasure beyond imagining.

And after retiring the group in disgrace almost 50 years ago, Brune has decided the best way to get a hold of some power in the coming inter-family battles was to organize and incorporate his own Torch, and name it after his fathers infamous one.

Most did not find this amusing.

Prince Brune, house of Menehune

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